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 Middle Detroit, shares and archives stories of Detroiters who are neither the big investors nor the crime doers. They are the hard-workers that have kept Detroit afloat during the good, the bad and the horrible. This population is so overlooked but it is the backbone of the city. The Middle Detroit website is a platform to hear these stories and to hear new and different ideas about how to make Detroit great. The above archive is Linda Ellington. Visit for complete interview.

Holiday Thoughts and Memories | 

New series of paintings that I am working on. From the beginning to end. 

Even Hello Kitty gets thirsty every now and then. #detroitsynergy #lawrenceblockclub #detroit.

Detroit is about community. I truly believe that we will be an example of people learning to live fuller lives. Today was a great example of that during the Lawrence Block Club Harvest Festival. It was fun and reminded me of when I was growing up on this block.

Rico was doing a great job painting faces today. Look at the cute Pumpkin face :) #detroitsynergy

Art comes in different forms and sizes. Pumpkin painting.

Kids getting instruction before attacking pinata. #detroitsynergy #lawrenceblockclub

A little artsy friend painting leaves during the Lawrence Block Club Festival.

Lawrence Block Club Harvest Festival was an amazing tine ti enjoy damiky fun and of course art! I love my ‘hood.

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