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Holiday Thoughts and Memories | 

New series of paintings that I am working on. From the beginning to end. 

Even Hello Kitty gets thirsty every now and then. #detroitsynergy #lawrenceblockclub #detroit.

Detroit is about community. I truly believe that we will be an example of people learning to live fuller lives. Today was a great example of that during the Lawrence Block Club Harvest Festival. It was fun and reminded me of when I was growing up on this block.

Rico was doing a great job painting faces today. Look at the cute Pumpkin face :) #detroitsynergy

Art comes in different forms and sizes. Pumpkin painting.

Kids getting instruction before attacking pinata. #detroitsynergy #lawrenceblockclub

A little artsy friend painting leaves during the Lawrence Block Club Festival.

Lawrence Block Club Harvest Festival was an amazing tine ti enjoy damiky fun and of course art! I love my ‘hood.

(Source: pprincetonave)

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